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Our mission

Rdeo distribution offers a personalized and professional service to its customers. Its objective is to sell and distribute products from Quebec companies throughout North America.


Its mission: Promote Quebec products to boutiques, riders, farmers, etc.

More about me

Great traveler and passionate, I decided to get into the world of sales after a long trip to the United States. Having more than 45 trips to my credit, my contact network is considerable. As an orthopedagogue by profession, I am a proactive and sensitive person to the needs of my clientele. My professional background makes me a social, professional and caring person. Being in the equestrian world for more than 30 years, the passion of the horses is very present. In addition, I understand the needs associated with this environment. I will be happy to answer your questions and comments at any time.

The mission

Products affiliated with Rdéo Distribution including some 100% Quebec products.

Rdéo Distribution chose to join these companies for their innovation, the quality of their products, their unique side and for the sake of the well-being of the animal. Here are the products I'm promoting.

Quebec Products:

PL Custom Cinches, 

Cherokee Paint,

Ani-Equine (Vital Humic),

De Fil en Pétales, 

Vision Cheval.


Proud representative of Quebec for Twisted X and Amerigo Saddlery

Since December 20, 2017, Rdéo Distribution has come a long way!

Twisted X Rdeo Distribution
de fil en petales promo Rdeo Distribution
Vision Cheval
pl custom cinches rdeo distribution
ALC Bio Innovation



​Tél : (819) 740-1020

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